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7 Ways to Earn Money with Content Marketing

3 steps to build income producing website

In my past 6 to 7 years, I have made a living online. As a writer, I found that online writers have many opportunities. There are 7 ways to earn money with content marketing.

Here are 7 ways I can make money online:

1> Write an article and sell the rights to other webmasters who want to re-create articles on their site. This is the most common ways for writers to earn money with content marketing.

2> Only those who pay to access my Favorites can write articles and reports

3> Write a newsletter and sell ads on it

4> Write down the products and services I like, I bought them and they are very useful. Then I create a “link” to the website that sells the product… I will receive a commission if any of my subscribers buy it.

5> The program I created allows others to resell my written content and charge them

6> I will charge other people’s e-magazines

7> I create a simple website, add some articles or other content and sell it. I made $8,875 on a simple website that was created and sold.

The Internet is a gold mine for writers like me and you, and the possibilities are endless.

If you can’t write, there are some services that other people can write to you. If they do, make sure to hire them under Contract Work, which means you will get the exclusive copyright of the articles they made for you. If you do not agree, please do not hire them.

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