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Create a Client Composite or Avatar

You can create a client composite or avatar that you put in your mind as you sit to write your copy. The research you’ve done and the interactions you’ve had with those in your niche can create the avatar.

One of the most helpful things you can do comes right as you sit to write your copy, believe it or not. You can do all of this preparation, and it will help you out. But there’s one thing you can do that will push you over the edge and help you write out-of-this-world copy that connects with your desired audience.

The avatar is the ‘average’ of your ideal customer. Put them in your mind. What do they look? What is their salary? What is their family life? What’s in their mind as they’re reading your copy? What is their pain? What could take their pain away right now?

Find a picture of a model on Fotolia or a similar site that you can buy to store in a folder. Keep this by you as you write your copy. Create a character to keep by you as you write your copy.

Write your ‘sales letter’ as a literal letter to this person.

When you do it this way, your sales copy will have that human element that so many are missing.

Do you see how that works? The sales letter is the result of the studying you’ve done and the interactions you’ve had. You need to remember that you need that real people are reading the sales letters you’re writing.

Creating a customer avatar like this will help you write better copy and get better results.

Write Better Copy Now That You Know Your Client Better

Follow these tips, and I promise that you’ll get better results. You’ll put yourself in a class with the best copywriters out there. Others will want to know your secret. This isn’t that difficult at all to implement. I hope you’re feeling excited because putting the ‘people’ back in your copy will make it more fun to write, will help you connect better, and will help you get more sales.

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