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Sales Letter Template

In addition to really knowing your audience and pulling from that knowledge each time, it can help you to have a sales letter template you follow each time you sit down to the right a sales letter.

If you want to be able to write a sales letter in under two hours, then you shouldn’t have to think about what’s coming next. You should be able to sit down and start writing– with passion and from the heart. You shouldn’t have to think, “should the bullet points go here or there?”

A template ‘isn’t inflexible, of course, but it removes the need to think about the mechanics of it and ensures you have all the pieces there.

Let’s talk about what these pieces are first, and then I’llI’ll give you a sample template you can use as you sit down to write a sales letter in under two hours.

The Benefits of Your Product

Before you start writing your copy, it can help you to sit down and list the benefits of your product. Go through it as if you are seeing it for the first time.

I’m not talking about the features, either. Sure, the content you are reading right now is teaching you how to write sales copy. But that’sthat’s not a great benefit– who cares?

The benefits of being able to write excellent sales copy in two hours might include:

  • Increasing conversions to earn more money in less time
  • Being able to offer copywriting services for full-time income earnings
  • Improving professional skills and getting a boost in perceived expertise and recognition in one’sone’s field
  • Working less and earning more

And you can break things down even more from there. ‘sLet’s take the middle one on this list, for example. Getting a boost in recognition could lead to a promotion or a new job or achievement. The realization can be life-changing and part of a life-goal.

List the benefits your product brings to the buyer. Not the features– Not “teaches how to write copy…” But things like what you have listed above, that apply to your product.

You use these benefits throughout your sales copy. You’llYou’ll focus on these mainly in the bullet points section and the headline.

The Headline

The headline is one of the most important, if not THE most important, parts of the sales letter. You have to catch ‘peoples’ eyes as they land on your sales page.

If they aren’t captivated immediately, they will click away. There are a ton of other things they could be doing instead. And they DON’T want you to sell to them.

Think of a headline– or ten headlines- that speaks to the main benefit of your product.

What is the main benefit of your product? Arrange that main benefit into an eye-catching headline.

The Introduction

Start your sales copy off with an excellent introduction that pulls people into their problem and stirs it up and makes them feel it.

Weave a story– preferably of your own. Take people on a journey through your experiences. Lead them to the hope of an answer. Tease that answer– the product you are selling to them.

Introducing the Product

Now, you can introduce the product. You probably don’t want to do so before this point because no one wants people to sell to them. People will buy things, and your audience will buy your product. But they will likely be turned off if you try to sell to them before they’re primed and ready– and that’s what the start of your sales page was meant to do.

Now, you can introduce the product. Provide proof that it works. Tell the audience what it is.

Include bullet points that detail the benefits of the product– the ones you pulled out before. Restate the main interest.

Make it clear that this product will solve the problem they have been so focused on. The solution to the reader’s problem is the answer they have been seeking.

Present the Offer

You can sell anything if it’sits the right offer. Make sure your offer is excellent. It should be clear that what ‘you’re offering is such an incredibly high value that the readers won’t want to pass it up.

It should seem like a steal of a deal, with all ‘they’re getting and with the pleasure ‘they’ll arrive and lack of pain ‘they’ll have.

Include any bonuses they will receive and any scarcity that might be present– such as a limited run or number of copies or a rising price.

The End of the Sales Letter

Restate the offer and the main benefit toward the latter part of the sales letter template. The end should wrap everything up in a way that maintains the excitement they’ve been feeling and gets them off the fence and pushing that buy button.

Sign off personally and let them know you’re there for them.

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