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Four parts of Google+

There are four main parts integrated in Google+.

Google+ profile:

You can’t avoid signing up for one, especially if you have a Gmail account. Google+ profiles allow you to socialize. This is Google’s response to Facebook. Here you can talk about yourself and connect with friends, family and business partners. You can also contact people with similar interests.

The way you connect with people on Google+ is through circles. You can surround anyone who interests you. This way, it’s like Twitter. Nor is it like Facebook, because there must be a common friend on Facebook. However, for people to see their updates on Google+, they must be allowed to return. Again, it’s like Twitter. On Google+, you can communicate with people you can’t find anywhere else. Other than that, it’s not like Twitter at all: it’s its place with its atmosphere.

If you have a Google+ profile, you can post to your profile just like you would with a Facebook status update. People can comment on what you post, or click the +1 button. Only those who tag it can see what they post, depending on what they choose as the privacy settings for their publication.

You can share content from across the web, comment on other people’s comments or shared content, and more. Google+ has a great interface. If you didn’t give it a chance before, you might like it. You can even post to your Google+ community directly from the Google+ homepage or even a +1 button, which makes it even easier.

Google+ Community:

The Google+ community is your primary focus for this type of community. These may be more public or private communities. You can create a community for any topic. There can be many communities connected to your niche, and you can join now. The community is a great way to connect. The community is working again with the four parts of Google+.

As a leader in the Google+ community, users can find their community and join a conversation in the search bar. You can join Hangouts for people in your community, you can organize events and let them join, you can share content with the community, enjoy in real-time and grow your business. Google is doing a great job integrating many different options and opportunities for the community.

Google offers many great tools for community leaders. You can merge hosts, build guidelines for the community, build the types of communities you like, create categories to post, and more. As for flexibility, Google+ has it.


Hangouts are also a great addition to Google+. Hangouts are like webinars. They allow you to face up to 10 people (plus an unlimited number of others to see you). These Hangouts on Air. As part of the community, you may be the leader of these hangouts, although you may wish to include some as guests before you try to organize.

People in your community can join or just watch. These hangouts remain on YouTube even after they’re over, which can give your community a lot of traffic and exposure when people find and see them after the live event.

There are many good ways to meet people in the community. However, Hangouts makes Google+ stand out because face-to-face interactions almost make you look like you’re in the same room. You and the members of your community can get to know each other. When you interact with them in a hangout, you feel that you know them.

YouTube channel:

Of course, there is also your YouTube channel. When you create a Google+ profile, you can also create a YouTube channel. Google expects all of this to combine. Having a YouTube channel and YouTube videos are excellent for SEO. It is an excellent guide for your community, brands, and products. Hangouts will arrive here after they have completed the site. You can also post other videos that build your brand and show your community. Once again, all these parts can achieve a complete Google+ experience at the same time.

In our next article, we’ll talk about joining the Google+ community and launching your community.

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