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Ways of Making Money With Fiverr

Before talking about ways of making money with Fiverr, what exactly is Fiverr? Well, Fiverr is a website where you can sell a product, a service, or anything you want to sell for $5, nothing more and nothing less. Fiverr has two types of users: the service providers and the buyers of services. You have to be a service provider if you plan to make money with Fiverr. You will have to make sure though that you have something worthwhile to offer for sale. Whatever skill or talent that you have, there is someone out there willing to pay you $5 for it. All you have to do is post what you can do on the Fiverr site and wait for buyers. The most common services being offered on the site range from graphics jobs, programming, writing, social media marketing, advertising, and a whole lot more.

Start using Fiverr by signing up, of course. You won’t have to pay for anything because joining the site is free. Be sure to sign up, though, as a service provider because this is how you are going to offer your services and make money on the process. Make sure as well to read carefully the terms of service of the website as well as the FAQ section to familiarize yourself with all its features. Browse around the site for a while to get a feel on how things are run and done before you post your first service offering.

You will be offering your services for $5, but you are only going to receive $4 since Fiverr will take a cut of $1 from your pay as a service fee. You are paid via a PayPal account, so make sure you have registered with PayPal as well.

Sometimes, you will have to go outside of Fiverr to promote the services you are offering for $5. The market or potential buyers for your services may not be on Fiverr at the time of your posting, so you must promote your gigs somewhere else like on Facebook or Twitter. Just log in to Facebook and tell your friends and contacts that you are on Fiverr and that you are offering some good stuff there. Or you can use the built-in buttons on Fiverr to tweet on Twitter or post on your Facebook wall the gigs you have posted.

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