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How to Make Money With One Article

Do you want to know how to make money online with one article? I did this: I wrote an article, created a 4-5 version and sold it to others for my career. In fact, only some of my companies generate enough income to make me comfortable. This formula can be copied by everyone in the profession or company.

I write articles for executive coaches and business consultants. They use different versions of my articles in their own newsletter and have their own names in the public statement. When they buy goods, they get the right to reprint, but they are not exclusive. But because they are scattered all over the country and around the world, they do not know anyone else who uses the same article. They are also free to change the project.

This formulation can be used in any industry. Let’s say you’re a veterinarian. You know a lot about pets and doctors’ customers. You can write interesting articles for your pet owner. You may have written and published news articles for interesting articles for customers and prospects.

What prevents you from writing an article to meet the needs of other nurses who must send a newsletter? A summary of the abstract is provided on your veterinary website and is for a fee. They buy reprint rights and will be used by hundreds of veterans who want to save energy and energy in their newsletters.
This is the way to make money by writing articles on the internet, but there are four ways to all the same articles.

The same article of different lengths has been evaluated several times. It can be sold in three different lengths, for example 2000 words to form a 4-page press release, 1000 words for 2 pages of news and 600-700 words for email magazines. It also has three ways to sell the same item.

She also took the same article, changed the title, made it more personal, and added her own experience, including personal data and website links. You send it to the article folder on the internet.

We will collect free versions of articles with your name on other sites that are looking for content. Whenever other sites publish your articles on your site, they will link to your site. The more incoming links on your site, the higher the value that search engines give you.

This means that when a user types a keyword in Google or another search folder, search engine level begins to increase. Here’s a fifth way to make money from the same article. This technology is more indirect. Your articles are free to use, but link features will attract new customers to your site.

Finally, you can use the same article or the modified version of your own website and blog to attract new customers. If your site and blog contain high quality content, make sure readers value your experience and use their services or purchase your product.

Here’s an additional idea to make money with your articles: gather some articles on the same topic, create them in a PDF eBook, and then sell them on your website.

You can have the knowledge and experience in your field that will be paid by others to provide high-quality content for your own presentation. This approach needs good writing skills, or you can pay a professional editor to help you. It also requires you to master online marketing art to attract potential buyers of your articles. For successful tags, you can submit articles to many article folders on the Internet and quickly generate traffic for your websites and blogs.

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