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Rules of Thumbs for Moms Working Online

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Whether you quit your company’s job to spend more time with your child or want to increase your family’s income, working from home can be one of the best options for you to make a steady profit. Building a home office will make you realize that you are committed to your family and your career. However, whether professional or domestic, working online and working at home can cause problems. What should you choose between a crying child and a project close to the deadline? How do children perform when their mother is at work? Who will wash the dishes? Mothers who work online sometimes struggle between work and domestic work. So how to draw a line? Below are rules of thumbs for moms working online.

The family is as diverse as the person who makes it, so the style of raising and managing the family varies greatly. But still, mothers who work online must follow specific rules to increase productivity. Here are some of them:

  1. Discuss the configuration with your family. It must be agreed by the husband, if all are adults, it is the child. If the child is still a child or needs to pay close attention, make sure he or she is hiring a caregiver. If so, determine if you are a full-time or part-time caregiver. In most cases, a part-time nanny is more practical because the mother will not work all day.
  2. Define your work schedule. Of course, it depends on your preferences, family and other responsibilities. But no matter what your schedule, make sure everyone knows about how to reduce distractions and interference. Setting a clear work schedule will also make your child feel that there is room for his schedule and that he can wait for his time instead of breaking into his home office at any time. Keep your schedule unless an emergency is worth your attention.
  3. Decide if there is a closed door or open-door policy. If you have a hired babysitter, the closed-door policy works best. This allows you to work with little or no distraction, and your assistant can easily take responsibility without consulting and checking it frequently. If you do not have a contracted caregiver, it is recommended that you open the door with your hand. This policy allows you to verify the condition of your child and the house immediately. But because it can cause noise and interference, you can close the door and talk on the phone when you need more attention.
  4. Have children and caregivers identify possible interruptions that can and cannot respond. Be as specific as possible and demonstrate robustness. Don’t let your home office hear a buzz, instead, let your caregiver do his job. If your child grows up, tell him the type of environment he needs and how he can help him achieve it. You just need to talk to the children and keep remembering them.
  5. State your expectations: how the children should behave, the amount of housework they can afford, the level of noise they can make, and so on. Then, plan. For example, if your child is older, you can ask them to clean the room themselves. Alternatively, you can stay away from the living room or TV room. First, the mother and her family working online need to make some adjustments.

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