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All about Google+ and Google Hangouts

Why choose Google+

Today, Google+ is ideal for social marketing. When most marketing experts think of Google, they think of SEO. Well, those days have passed, and these days, Google is related to community and interaction. If you want a large market reach and absolutely reliable social marketing campaigns, Google is the company you want to host.

Certainly, there are a number of benefits when it comes to Google+. It not only forms a community on a single platform. It also uses Google+ as a social network, Google+ as a community platform, YouTube channel and Hangouts. When you sign up for Google+, you really have two birds. Google has integrated all this content. If you sign up for a Gmail account now, you can’t really avoid all searches.

Not only that, but the Google+ community is also simple, free and fun. There are many opportunities to connect your Google+ interactions with other companies. You can even make the Google+ community free or paid. In this case, to achieve maximum growth and maximum exposure, I will assume that your method is now free. However, I also saw some communities and successful Google+ payment activities. People are happy to pay for them and get great value from them.

You can easily run a webinar as a description in Hangouts, which is a big advantage for your community and can be closer to you than other options like the Facebook group. Google+ allows you to access new segments that may not be on Facebook or your member community. If you have time or a social marketing strategy that suits you, there is nothing that means you can’t or shouldn’t have a Facebook group and a Google+ community.

Google+ has a great email marketing tool built in; it’s a good thing if most of your niches use Gmail. Basically, your Google+ newsletter can log in directly to your user’s inbox, and everything is well integrated via Gmail, giving you a lot of visibility.

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