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How To Have A Solid Marketing Strategy

How to have a solid marketing strategy behind you ? You are building relationships and sharing important information because you really want to help. It is very important to help you and really have an impact.

Expanding your list is also important for you, so you can earn more money and achieve greater success in your business.

That is why you must have a solid marketing strategy.

You are running a Facebook page or a Facebook group … What is it now? What will you do with this group?

By the way, having a successful page or group is great, but you never know that Facebook will appear in 10 years. Everything you do on Facebook and social networks; your goal should be to attract people to your list. Your list is your property and is controlled by you and cannot be removed.

Facebook and others are tools. They are only the means to the end: ultimately, add your list and turn your business into something prosperous.

As part of your marketing strategy, get the information you know about the people who like your Facebook page or group. Find out what your most frequent questions are and what you are willing to pay.

Think of the bestselling products in your niche: these people are crazy products.

Then, think about what you can give them what they want, completely free.

You will find a free product that you can give to these people for free. He will create the gift and announce it for free on the page or group that started the success.

The only downside is that they must enter their email address in the subscription form to receive the gift. That is!

You will put this gift behind the subscription form and people will be happy to use these subscription forms so they can get the products they originally paid for.

At this point, your audience really admire you, you have a lot of fans. They will see a link to their gift and registration on Facebook.

You are not a casual person, put a link on your face, you are a person you know, like and trust.

You don’t even want to sell them anything! You give them something completely free.

Awesome. Now you will list the people on the list who will read your email and be grateful because you have provided them with a gift and the wonderful information you shared on your Facebook page or group.

Get more traffic to Facebook and lists

One thing I didn’t talk about directly about this is how to get traffic to your Facebook page or group and then go to your list.

Let’s start by getting traffic through Facebook.

Look at popular groups and websites. How are they called? You can see some of the most successful common clues.

Try using popular keywords in the title of the page or group. Also, consider the phrases you can use to attract people to click. You want to show it on Facebook and Google Search.

You may not want to simply name your page or group “My company name” because people will not know your company name at this time, and you are unlikely to click the “Like” or “Join” button.

Create something that is attractive. Comment on other pages like your page. Invite others to join your page or group.

Inform your current social channel about your new page or group.

You can pay your ads to get more likes. Facebook ads are great, generally affordable and truly convertible.

Do your best to increase traffic on Facebook. At that time, you can build relationships, share a lot of information and more.

Once you do this, you can start sharing links to your gifts. Facebook will be one of the best ways to generate traffic for your subscription form.

Create different offers over time

You will always get new likes and new members. There may be different submarkets in your main market niche.

That is why you may want to throw different gifts over time. That’s great! You will attract different parts of the entire target market.

The larger your group or page, the greater your list.

Use Facebook as a traffic generation tool to give away free stuff, you can do it very well.

Build an excellent list and you can do well in the general business. Facebook is one of the best tools you can use.

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