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Podcasting From A Marketer-Publisher Perspective

The definition you’ve heard up to now about podcasting could revolve around the notion of iPod and broadcasting. The matter is podcasting is much more than only a mobile media player and broadcasting. Does not that seem like a portable radio? What is podcasting from a marketer-publisher perspective?

To start with, we’ll find a concept of the iPod right back. To hear a podcast, then you do not require an iPod or maybe a mobile media player of any sort. A podcast record is simply another media file that you can play on your personal computer or even on many cellphones nowadays.

From marketer or articles writer’s standpoint, podcasting owns three compelling advantages:

  1. Automation. Listeners or audiences may subscribe to this podcast series, and after being informed concerning the newest content, then download the information, program the download if needed, and then sync the files for their mobile media player or create a playlist on their social computer player automatically.
  2. Portable. Although listeners or viewers do not require a mobile media player to absorb podcasts, even the simple fact they can attract content with them wherever they move is a real advantage that promotes consumption.
  3. Time-shifting. Another fantastic thought about podcasting is that listeners or viewers may opt not to listen in at a specified time or day to receive their content. Podcast content can be obtained every time they wish to download and eat.

If your viewers consist of individuals that are highly portable, active, and enjoy relatively new technologies, then it’s possible to begin tapping in this new advertising channel to catch their attention. To get a less tech-savvy marketplace, it is possible to hasten the adoption procedure by instructing them how to get it done via incremental tutorials or even screencasts.

After every single speaker that finishes listening to a podcast might be the person who does not have enough time to see your site lately, she could like listening to reading. Or she might not have understood you if you do not print a podcast.

Thus, podcasting is a superb tool to enhance your advertising mix since it might give advantages no additional media channels could offer.

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